Fischer Flights Aviary

Welcome to Fischer Flights Aviary, located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I have been breeding birds seriously for the past fifteen years. After previously breeding different species of lovebirds I decided to concentrate on the Fischerís, and for the last ten years I've enjoyed the challenges of breeding different Fischer's mutations. My goal is to produce strong healthy youngsters through careful planning and pairings.

All babies are banded (CAN WDW), and are hand-fed from the time they are two weeks old. The most important factor to me is to produce strong, healthy young birds, which is why the Normal (Wild) colour of the Fischer's Lovebird is the basis and driving force behind my breeding program.

Although I do sell birds as pets, most of the colour mutations that are produced are sold only as breeders, to help improve the size and quality of future birds available. I hope you enjoy looking through my website. If you have any questions about my birds or how to breed Fischer's, please donít hesitate to e-mail me.

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